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It seems to me that receiving communion standing and in the hand has been a bad thing. Being that we are both body and soul, it seems that our bodily posture would impact our overall disposition as it relates to the Eucharist (Christ himself of course). Imagine kneeling before the Almighty as He comes in the form of bread and wine—and receiving him on your tongue–not touching him with our hands — acknowledging in a physical sense our awe and devotion and unworthiness to receive Christ. On the other hand (literally) there is receiving standing up in a line, putting your hands out and popping it in your mouth–then moving on. Certainly, you can stir yourself to devotion on a spiritual plain– but isn’t it easier to do that when body and soul are aligned? I’ve never in my life received the Eucharist kneeling—but I wish I could do so. We can see how Catholics (at least in America) in general have lost a sense of what the Eucharist is all about–I can’t help but think that if we went back to the more traditional form of receiving Communion, that it might help stem this problem.


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