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Today I heard a comment by an individual jokingly state something to the extent of “getting revenge for her Catholic upbringing” — I have little doubt that this, probably 55 year old person really has left the Catholic upbringing in the dust; but it reminded me of another comment by a Catholic reared in the 70’s who described himself as a recovering Catholic. I can think of other similar instances. Personally, I wish I had a more Catholic upbringing, and that makes me wonder— WHY OR WHAT led so many who grew up in the faith to set it aside and harbor such bad thoughts?  Some of these folks still claim their Catholic identity, and some have moved on to “other things”. I know some would blame Vatican II for this; but some of this happened before Vatican II was over— so there was a problem for the Baby Boomers and “Generation X”. I don’t have an answer, I just see the wreckage—  BUT WHAT WAS SO BAD that people make such harsh comments about growing up Catholic?


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